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Angular Built-In Directives Cheat Sheet

ng-app Sets the AngularJS section.

ng-init Sets a default variable value.

ng-bind Alternative to {{ }} template.

ng-bind-template Binds multiple expressions to the view.

ng-non-bindable States that the data isn't bindable.

ng-bind-html Binds inner HTML property of an HTML element.

ng-change Evaluates specified expression when the user changes the input.

ng-checked Sets the checkbox.

ng-class Sets the css class dynamically.

ng-cloak Prevents displaying the content until AngularJS has taken control.

ng-click Executes a method or expression when element is clicked.

ng-controller Attaches a controller class to the view.

ng-disabled Controls the form element's disabled property

ng-form Sets a form

ng-href Dynamically bind AngularJS variables to the href attribute.

ng-include Used to fetch, compile and include an external HTML fragment to your page.

ng-if Remove or recreates an element in the DOM depending on an expression

ng-switch Conditionally switch control based on matching expression.

ng-model Binds an input,select, textarea etc elements with model property.

ng-readonly Used to set readonly attribute to an element.

ng-repeat Used to loop through each item in a collection to create a new template.

ng-selected Used to set selected option in element.

ng-show/ng-hide Show/Hide elements based on an expression.

ng-src Dynamically bind AngularJS variables to the src attribute.

ng-submit Bind angular expressions to onsubmit events.

ng-value Bind angular expressions to the value of .

ng-required Bind angular expressions to onsubmit events.

ng-style Sets CSS style on an HTML element.

ng-pattern Adds the pattern validator to ngModel.

ng-maxlength Adds the maxlength validator to ngModel.

ng-minlength Adds the minlength validator to ngModel.

ng-classeven Works in conjunction with ngRepeat and take effect only on odd (even) rows.

ng-classodd Works in conjunction with ngRepeat and take effect only on odd (even) rows.

ng-cut Used to specify custom behavior on cut event.

ng-copy Used to specify custom behavior on copy event.

ng-paste Used to specify custom behavior on paste event.

ng-options Used to dynamically generate a list of elements for the element.

ng-list Used to convert string into list based on specified delimiter.

ng-open Used to set the open attribute on the element, if the expression inside ngOpen is truthy.


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