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Go Download and Install

Installing Go is straightforward. You can install it from source, but I suggest you use one of the pre­compiled binaries.
When you go to the download page, you’ll see installers for various platforms. Let’s avoid these and learn how to set
up Go ourselves. As you’ll see, it isn’t hard.

Install Go on Windows

Download the latest zip file. If you’re on an x64 system, you’ll want­, where #.#.# is
the latest version of Go.

Unzip it at a location of your choosing. c:\Go is a good choice.

Set up two environment variables:
  • GoPATH points to your workspace. That might be something like c:\users\user\work\go.
  • Add c:\Go\bin to your PATH environment variable.

Environment variables can be set through the Environment Variables button on the Advanced tab of the System
control panel. Some versions of Windows provide this control panel through the Advanced System Settings option
inside the System control panel.

Open a command prompt and type go version. You’ll hopefully get an output that looks like go version go1.3.3

Install Go on Linux & Mac

Download the tar.gz for your platform. For OSX, you’ll most likely be interested in go#.#.#.darwin­amd64­osx10.8.tar.gz, where #.#.# is the latest version of Go.

Extract the file to /usr/local via tar ­-C /usr/local ­xzf go#.#.#.darwin­amd64­osx10.8.tar.gz.

Set up two environment variables:
  • GoPATH points to your workspace, for me, that’s $HOME/code/go.
  • We need to append Go’s binary to our PATH.

You can set these up from a shell:

echo 'export GoPATH=$HOME/code/go' >> $HOME/.profile
echo 'export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/go/bin' >> $HOME/.profile

You’ll want to activate these variables. You can close and reopen your shell, or you can run source $HOME/.profile.

Type go version and you’ll hopefully get an output that looks like go version go1.3.3 darwin/amd64.


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