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Javascript Increment a Date Object

To increment date objects in JavaScript, we can usually do this:

var checkoutDate = new Date();
checkoutDate.setDate( checkoutDate.getDate() + 1 );


It is possible to use setDate to change the date to a day in the following month by using a value larger than the number of days in the current month -

var checkoutDate = new Date(); 
checkoutDate.setDate( checkoutDate.getDate() + 12 );


The same applies to other methods such as getHours(), getMonth(),etc.

Adding Work Days

If you wish to add work days (in this case I am assuming Monday - Friday) you can use the setDate function although you need a little extra logic to account for the weekends (obviously this will not take account of national holidays) -

function addWorkDays(startDate, days) {
 // Get the day of the week as a number (0 = Sunday, 1 = Monday, .... 6 = Saturday)
 var dow = startDate.getDay();
 var daysToAdd = days;
 // If the current day is Sunday add one day
 if (dow == 0)
 // If the start date plus the additional days falls on or after the closest Saturday calculate
 if (dow + daysToAdd >= 6) {
 //Subtract days in current working week from work days
 var remainingWorkDays = daysToAdd - (5 - dow);
 //Add current working week's weekend
 daysToAdd += 2;
 if (remainingWorkDays > 5) {
 //Add two days for each working week by calculating how many weeks are included
 daysToAdd += 2 * Math.floor(remainingWorkDays / 5);
 //Exclude final weekend if remainingWorkDays resolves to an exact number of weeks
 if (remainingWorkDays % 5 == 0)
 daysToAdd -= 2;
 startDate.setDate(startDate.getDate() + daysToAdd);
 return startDate;

Convert to JSON

var date1 = new Date();



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