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PHP Outputting large integers

On 32-bits systems, integers larger than PHP_INT_MAX are automatically converted to float. Outputting these as integer values (i.e. non-scientific notation) can be done with printf, using the float representation, as illustrated below:

foreach ([1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 12] as $p) {
 $i = pow(1024, $p);
 printf("pow(1024, %d) > (%7s) %20s %38.0F", $p, gettype($i), $i, $i);
echo " ", $i, "\n";


pow(1024, 1) integer 1024 1024 1024
pow(1024, 2) integer 1048576 1048576 1048576
pow(1024, 3) integer 1073741824 1073741824 1073741824
pow(1024, 4) double 1099511627776 1099511627776 1099511627776
pow(1024, 5) double 1.1258999068426E+15 1125899906842624
pow(1024, 6) double 1.1529215046068E+18 1152921504606846976
pow(1024, 9) double 1.2379400392854E+27 1237940039285380274899124224
pow(1024, 12) double 1.3292279957849E+36 1329227995784915872903807060280344576

While this looks nice, in this contrived example the numbers can all be represented as a binary number since they
are all powers of 1024 (and thus 2). See for example:

$n = pow(10, 27);
printf("%s %.0F\n", $n, $n);


1.0E+27 1000000000000000013287555072


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