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Python Tutorial

Python is one of the most famous and recent Programming Languages. I took the initiative of starting this course as I always wanted to make it easy for people to learn Python. On top of that, I got a lot of requests to teach Python in depth. In this course, we will be learning Python from the very beginning to the advanced level, where we will be doing projects like Jarvis desktop assistant and an Indian Railways announcement system.

Most importantly, I will be giving some quizzes and exercises to test your skills regularly. I will be providing questions, and then you have to try solving them. This Python tutorial will enhance your programming skills and help you become a pro programmer.
Technology is enhancing, and human beings always try to reduce their manual efforts. After learning Programming, one can reduce their manual efforts to accomplish their work on the machine.
Programming allows us to minimize manual work. With the help of programming, we can make scripts that can help us do our work at a much faster rate.
Programming can change our lives entirely as it can help us create many programs & scripts which can run automatically and easily accomplish our tasks in almost no time.
So from the next video, we will be starting our first lecture in this complete course of Python.

Guido Van Rossum created the Python Programming language in February 1991. Python is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language.
Python allows us to create a game, build web apps, do general-purpose scripting, etc.

Before we dive into the details of Python, let's understand what the term Programming or Coding means?
Programming helps human beings to reduce hours of manual effort.
In today's era, demand for programming is growing rapidly; i.e., there is a huge need for software developers and programmers in IT (Tech) Industries.
To write code in any language, we need a friendly platform where we can write the code and can execute it. For this, we use IDEs.
IDE – An IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a software application that provides many comprehensive facilities to programmers for software or application development.
Python is used by many of the best tech companies. A few of those companies are:

1. Instagram
2. Facebook
3. Google
4. Reddit
5. Spotify
6. Quora
7. Dropbox
8. Netflix
So, this was a quick introduction to the Python programming language. In the next Video, we will see how to download and Install Pycharm. I will be covering all essential concepts of Python in this course for absolutely free, therefore, please share this course with your friends and family also.


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