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Raspberry Grove modules in Starter Kit

The Grove Starter Kit of Raspberry Pi Pico is a learning kit that can help you quickly start building projects with Raspberry Pi Pico. The kit contains 14 handpicked modules, including 5 sensors/ 5 actuators/ 2LED/ 1 LCD display/ 1 Grove Shield for Pi Pico. Let's take a look at these Grove modules one by one.

Grove - Light Sensor

Grove - Light Sensor is an analog module, which can output the amount of light detected as various electrical signals to an attached microcontroller board. It is an ideal LDR sensor module for light measurement, light detection and light-controlled switch.

Grove - Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Grove - Temperature & Humidity Sensor is mainly used to detect the temperature and humidity values in the environment.

Grove - Rotary Angle Sensor

Grove - Rotary Angle Sensor can change the resistance value to achieve different output levels by rotating the 300-degree adjusting knob on the potentiometer. It has a maximum resistance value of 10KΩ.

Grove - Sound Sensor

Grove - Sound Sensor can detect the sound intensity in the environment. The main component of the module is a simple microphone, which consists of a L358 amplifier and an electret microphone.

Grove - Mini PIR Motion Sensor

Grove - Mini PIR Motion Sensor uses passive infrared radiation to detect motion, and is often used in projects such as alarm systems, visitor systems, light switches, etc.

Grove - Button

Grove - Button is an independent “momentary on/off" button. “Momentary" means that the button rebounds on its own after it is released. The button outputs a high signal when pressed, and a low when released.

Grove - LED Pack

Grove - LED Pack includes LEDs in four different colours: red, green, blue and white. You can change the light color at any time by swapping out the LED with other LEDs in the LED Pack. There is also a knob on the module to control the LED brightness.

Grove - RGB LED (WS2813 mini)

Grove - RGB LED (WS2813 Mini) can be set to full-color display and can be connected to other RGB LED rings or RGB LED bars in series.

Grove - Passive Buzzer

Grove - Passive Buzzer is a low-cost tunable passive buzzer.

Grove - Relay

Grove - Relay is used to supply greater power to modules that require it, such as an external motor. It can handle currents of up to 5A at 250VAC for long periods of time. When the relay is switched on, the LED on the module will light up.

Grove - 16x2 LCD

Grove - 16x2 LCD is a blue backlight 16x2 LCD display. It has excellent high contrast and is easy to use.


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