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Raspberry Project Presentation

Rules of Presentation

Time limit: 3 minutes (timekeeper shall remind the time)

Form: PPT or animation + explanation

Content: explain according to the content on PPT, including:

1. Product name and picture

2. Product design concept

3. Product features

4. Product structure or details

5. Product functions

6. Question and answer

Preparation before Presentation

1. Organizer of the presentation & on-site host: 1
Timekeeper: 1
Teller: 3
Photographers: 2

2. Material personnel
Material requirement: computer, page flipper
Classroom arrangement: the arrangement of tables, chairs and benches
Data collection: PPT collection and display
Vote making: expert vote making
Prize preparation: prepare prize for 6 awards


1.Product Showcase
Each group explains and shows the products in turn under the arrangement of the host.

2.Expert Comments
The invited experts and teachers comment on the performance of the group.

3. Selection
After all products are showed, the selection shall be carried out.

4. Award Presentation
According to the results of the vote, the awards of Most Creative, Most Practical, Most Investable, Most Technological, Best Team, and Future Star are selected and presented.

5. Speech by Student Representatives
Invite the representatives of 1–2 winning groups to share.

Selection Rules

1. If there are 6 awards in total, then each group has 6 ballots to vote. However, the ballots should represent the opinions of the group instead of individuals, so please take the opinions of all the group members into consideration before making a collective vote.

2. Expert Ballots
Each expert group has 6 ballots, and each ballot is equivalent to 5 ballots of the ordinary group. These ballots are also accumulated into the total number of ballots.

3. Cumulative ballots
The ballots shall be counted by the teller and announced in time.

Award References

Most Creative Award: the product concept may not have been completed at this point, but the idea is bold and creative, and is likely to be realized in the future;

Most Practical Award: high degree of completion, comprehensive use of the knowledge learned, and practical product design;

Most Investable Award: creative marketing, with clear business model market strategy;

Most Technological Award: product function design and on-site demonstration are grounded on cutting-edge science and technologies;

Best Team Award: good teamwork, clear task division, mutual help and cooperation, smooth product showing, and good product completion;

Future Star Award: team and project with strong potential, with ideas and executive abilities to show and realize their ideas well;


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